This Year’s Top 5 Bedroom Trends

bedroom trends

We’re more than halfway through 2017 already, and it’s exciting to see what styles and decorating ideas have made their way to the forefront of the design world. We’re absolutely loving the bedroom trends that are hot this year. Luxury, comfort, beauty, and more are packed into bedroom designs that make stylish dreams into real-life realities.… Read More

Child Safe Blinds and Shades: Your Options Explained

child safe blinds

It’s no secret: Children are curious. Something from within inspires them to explore and figure things out. Walt Disney once said, “When you’re curious, you find lots of interesting things to do.” If you have kids in your home, there’s no doubt that you’ve found them doing “interesting things” with whatever they can get their hands on.… Read More

3 Things Privacy Blinds and Shades Can Do for You

privacy blinds

Privacy and comfort–they go hand-in-hand. In order to feel comfortable in your home, you need to have options for privacy. Sure, there might be rooms in your home that you love having open to the outside world, but there are probably ones where prying eyes are a little less welcome.… Read More

Venetian Blinds

Venetian BlogsVenetian blinds, also known as mini blinds, are a popular window treatment for any room in which light control and privacy are a top concern. These blinds have horizontal slats, which can be rotated 90 degrees to allow natural light to easily pass through and enter a room.… Read More

Window Coverings and Privacy Concerns

Window Coverings and Privacy ConcernsPrivacy window treatments are commonly top priority for rooms including bedrooms and bathrooms. Privacy blinds and shades are available in light filtering shades, different opacities, and different sized slats, all of which can ensure your family’s privacy is provided. This allows only vague shadows to be seen and there’s little to no visibility of those outside.… Read More