Create Atmosphere With Style Icon Iris Apfel

style icon Iris Apfel

The design world is constantly changing. There are new styles to look out for, new colors to obsess over, and new trends to incorporate into your home decor. One huge trend right now is minimalism. Have you heard of style icon Iris Apfel?Read More

Room Transformation: The Impact of Light

room transformation kansas city

Incredible style, smart features, practical solutions…are you ready for a room transformation that can deliver that trifecta? Look around your home. Do you want to start over? Are you stuck in the middle–and you’re just not sure what to do next?… Read More

Need to Cover Sliding Glass Doors?

cover sliding glass doors

As spring draws near in the Kansas City area, have you been searching for ways to cover sliding glass doors in your home? This time of year sees a great deal of traffic in and out of your home, and you need solutions.Read More

Roman Shade Style For Your Personality

Roman shade style

When it comes to your style, what appeals to you? Do you love the trendy outfits you see on Pinterest? How about classic looks that seem to be timeless? Do you love the sharp, fitted look–or is soft and flowing more like you? Read More

Energy Efficiency Tips: Easy Winter (& Year Round!) Solutions

energy efficiency

Winter is here, and we’ve already started thinking about the first days of spring. Is your home keeping you cozy with energy efficiency? Or have the latest weather patterns of chilling ice storms got you scrambling to find solutions? Warm weather may be far away, but with energy efficiency innovations, your home can be toasty and comfortable.… Read More

Home Refreshment: Drapery Panels for Every Room

drapery panels

Are you looking to refresh your home? There’s really no better way to energize and enliven your rooms than with a boost of style. Why not try drapery panels? They’re sophisticated, gorgeous, and will add fashionable elegance to all of your spaces.… Read More