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Soft Shutters: The Beauty and Sophistication of Pirouette and Silhouette Window Shades

Traditions fill our Kansas City area homes during the holidays. Whether gathering for a feast around the table, sending cards, or giving gifts, traditions help us bond and connect with family, friends, and neighbors. And, there’s something special about celebrating the holidays surrounded by a traditional look. Nothing is more traditional at the window than shutters, and their holiday relevance is remembered every year as families read this famous line: “Away to the window I flew like a flash, tore open the shutters, and threw up the sash.” Shutters are classic. Their clean lines and sophisticated charm has been a staple of beauty and design for ages. While you might have visions of shutters dancing in your head, your practical side might be thinking that shutters just aren’t right for your needs. Did you know that you can have the timeless look of shutters with all the benefits of modern window shades? Let us introduce you to the idea of soft shutters with our Pirouette and Silhouette window shadings.

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before and after window coverings

Before and After Window Coverings: See the Dramatic Transformation


The light in your home affects the way you live, and everything inside. In the Kansas City area, we know that the massive amount of rain we all experienced during the month of June put a damper on our lives. As adults, we also realize that too much of a good thing can cause just as many problems. Sunshine – we love it. But is it playing havoc in your home? Experience the transformation of before and after window coverings that bring in the beauty of natural light to brighten your mood, but take away the frustration of direct light.


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The Ultimate Control: Introducing PowerView

The future of automation is finally here. Introducing PowerView, the latest innovation in motorized window shades from Hunter Douglas. New features and accessories come together for the ultimate in ease and convenience for your Kansas City area home. From dramatic scenes to invaluable features, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!


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