metallic decor aluminum blinds

3 Ways to Style Your Home with Metallic Decor

As winter begins, we’re facing cold, chilly temperatures and overcast skies. Beat those upcoming winter blues with the brilliance of metallic decor. Accenting your home with metallic decor allows you to customize the style with the perfect finishes to heighten the look of your home’s interior design. Not sure which metals appeal to you most? We’ve got three looks for you to compare and decide which one speaks to your individual style. And once you’ve narrowed that down, we have ideas for you to incorporate favorite pieces and accents to create the ideal atmosphere in your home!


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save your home from the summer heat

Our Top 3 Ways to Save Your Home from the Summer Heat

Are you enjoying your Summer? Packed with activities and filled with fun, we all have been having a great Summer in the Kansas City area. Are you ready for some relief? With the intensity of the sun in the Kansas City area, if you don’t have the right window coverings, you could be suffering. Don’t despair! Summer doesn’t have to ruin the atmosphere in your home. Our team, at One Stop Decorating, would love to help! Here are our top three choices to save your home from the Summer heat.

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before and after window coverings

Before and After Window Coverings: See the Dramatic Transformation


The light in your home affects the way you live, and everything inside. In the Kansas City area, we know that the massive amount of rain we all experienced during the month of June put a damper on our lives. As adults, we also realize that too much of a good thing can cause just as many problems. Sunshine – we love it. But is it playing havoc in your home? Experience the transformation of before and after window coverings that bring in the beauty of natural light to brighten your mood, but take away the frustration of direct light.


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