Back to School and Back to Decorating!

Bathroom Now that the kiddies are in school… this is a great time for thinking about your home's decor (especially if you're wanting to spruce it up before the holidays).

Like we stated earlier… we'll be giving you tips and advice on everything from where to start and how long it takes to do a certain project.

So, on that note… here's the first (and probably the least expensive thing you can do to change the look of your home)…. PAINT!

#1) If your walls are all neutral and you're wanting a change… start with the formal areas of your house (living, dining, entry) and choose a color based on the largest pattern in that space.  It could be a piece of artwork, an area rug or even an upholstered piece of furniture.  After you pick the color that appeals to you… remember the 60/30/10 rule.  I.e… 60% of your home should be a dominant color/value, 30% should be a secondary color/value and 10% should be an accent color/value.

#2) If you're starting from scratch and have no reference point… just look in your closet.  Choose your paint colors from your clothes.  If you never wear red shirts… don't purchase red paint for your walls.

#3) All small rooms don't need to be painted a light color… and all large rooms don't need to be painted a dark color.  A small, dark bathroom, for example, (see pic) can be both dramatic and intimate. 

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