Pirouette Shades

Pirouette® Window Shadings

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  • Ideal for Large Windows
  • Soften Light, Diffuse Glare
  • Solid Vanes Highlight Design
  • More Choices: Original Sheers for Diffused Light or Crisp, Defined View with ClearView®

Versatility and design come together to offer you sheer shadings that can double as room darkening. Meet Pirouette shades. When open, simply adjust the vanes for your desired privacy, light control and view-through. The beauty of these shades is the floating vanes, in combination with sheers, that allow you to reflect the striking glare of the sun, while offering an uncomplicated outdoor scene. When closed, you have a stylish, dramatic effect with layers of fabric from Pirouette Shades.

Specialty Vanes

In the closed position, these window shades appear to rest against the window, with similarities of roman shades. But, with one quick adjustment, the fabric vanes begin folding in place, suspended. They reveal a sheer backing, meant to invite softened lighting and beautiful landscape views.

Sheer Magic

It’s not just sheer fabrics, but customizable fabrics that you can use to enhance your home. The traditional sheer backing shows off a softened view, one that invites diffused light. The other option utilizes black sheer fabrics, intent on sharpening the view for a crisp appearance.

Roll Up to Disappear

Once the Pirouette shades are ready to open fully, they will roll up into the headrail at the top of the window, creating an unobstructed view. Stop them at any point along the way to get partial coverage of the window.

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