Silhouette® Shades

  • fabric window blinds in large open concept dining and bar space

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  • ~ NEW ~ The Halo feature expands lighting!
  • Sheer Fabrics Offer Dynamic View
  • Reduced Glare for Comfort
  • Ideal for Your Largest Windows
  • Room Darkening Available with Dual Shades

Enjoy beautiful view-through, while your home is filled with dreamy softness. As the sheer material of our Silhouette Shades reflects the harsh glare, the vanes can be tilted to offer you levels of privacy and light control. With additional features, like Clearview, or Dual Shades, you can extend the light control from crisp view-through to room darkening–in a single headrail. Visit Facebook to see recent projects with these shades and many more window treatments!

Dual Shades

It’s the feature that extends the light control of your Silhouette shades from soft lighting and levels of privacy, all the way to room darkening! Dual sheer shades come with two shades on the same headrail, operating independent of each other to maximize the range of control. Enjoy the glowing light and views you love with sheer fabrics, then lower the blackout roller shade down to block intense light or deliver darkness.

Halo Feature

Traditional Silhouette shades offer a dramatic view of the landscape with vanes that float–or tilt toward the floor for light and privacy control. With the innovation of Halo, you can also tilt the vanes up toward the ceiling. This allows light to still enter the room, but travel in and across the ceiling for overhead illumination. It’s a whole new range of directional control.

Dynamic View

Warm, glowing, soft and hazy–all words we can use to describe the light and views available with Hunter Douglas Silhouette Shades. Would you like it to be a little more crisp, sharp or defined? Now, it’s an option. ClearView sheer fabrics are black–offering sharpened details of the landscape. The choice is yours, based on the view you’d like to experience.
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