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Shades and Blinds for Large Windows

  • Show Off the View
  • Protect Interiors from UV Rays
  • Diffuse the Glare
  • Save Energy

The sprawling view, the flowing light…the idea of large windows is every homeowner’s dream. But in the Kansas City area, without large window blinds, those big windows can cause an awful lot of headaches. Too much glare, damage from UV rays, intense heat from direct light, little-to-no privacy…Does this sound familiar? The team at One Stop Decorating help you outfit your Overland Park home with floor to ceiling blinds, shades, shutters or drapery. By covering windows, you’ll create a gorgeous backdrop, while also maintaining your view, dispersing the right amount of light–all while protecting your home’s temperature, privacy and valuables.

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Silhouette® Window Shadings

Discover the Best Window Treatments for Large Windows

Those floor to ceiling windows add dynamic light and beautiful views. But, it’s just way too much at times. Too much light, too much opportunity for others to see into your home. Let’s explore blinds for large windows so you can have all the features you love while getting rid of the large window issues you have.

What’s Possible?

The choices you make can ultimately come down to size–which sounds redundant. But, depending on how large your windows are, there will be collections and features available–and some that won’t be options. While many homeowners find themselves searching for floor to ceiling blinds, the truth is, you might be better off with large window shades. You’ll be able to create a stunning look in your home, with materials and features that deliver the experience you want. See more details about sizing options for some of our most popular window treatments in a recent article.

Choose Your Combination

Once you narrow down the choices of window coverings you like, take a look at the features you like. When it comes to selecting large window blinds, everyone has their own benefits they’re hoping for.

The View

When you want to preserve your view–and even make it better–we’ve got a selection of window shades that can do just that. Sheer shades are great for showing off the view, but doing their job as blinds for large windows. Check out both Hunter Douglas Silhouette shades and Luminette Sheer Shades in Verticals.


Two things contribute to the comfort of your home: Temperature and light control. If your largest windows take the brunt of the hot Kansas City sunshine, this information about energy saving shades will be helpful in making choices. Overall, the Duette collection of Honeycomb Shades is a top choice, and they come in Vertical Cellular Shades as well.

Natural Light

One of the most popular innovations in lighting homes has come with the top down bottom up feature. Lowering down slightly–just enough to bring light in across the ceiling–your large window blinds will keep the majority of the window covered. Acting like an overhead light, you can easily illuminate your home with natural light.


Open the shades, close the shades…it shouldn’t be hard. And yet, it’s just one more thing you have to do, think about, and remember. Let’s take the effort out of it. Automated shades adjust with a tap or a voice command. They also adjust on schedule–with timing that fits your life. See more about how easy it is choose blinds for large windows that integrate with your smart home system.

Modern Vertical Options

Everyone’s sliding doors and picture windows act the same way–lots of light, access to the outdoors. But since they act almost like floor to ceiling windows–most sliders stand 80-96″ high and 60-72″ wide and picture windows are often 10 feet wide–if you leave them bare, your home will be under the attack of relentless light, glare, UV rays, heat and no privacy. What’s possible? There’s always the option of vertical blinds for large windows and sliding doors, which have seen many contemporary updates in regard to fabrics and materials. But, if you’d like to see other options, we have three collections of window treatments for large windows that slide sideways, similar to the operation of your doors and convenient for windows that span a large area.

Luminette Privacy Sheers

These sheer fabrics appear to mimic the look of drapery, in soft folds at the window. But, there’s more to them than meets the eye. The invisible vanes inside each fold allow a beautiful view-through with soft, filtered light. In one quick rotation of the vanes, you can also have room darkening privacy.

Duette Vertiglide

This vertical option could be described as Honeycomb Sliding Shades. Instead of the well-known honeycomb shades at the window,  these cellular shades move side-to-side, matching the operation of the sliding door. Simplistic function allows you to enjoy the light and views when you want and add incredible light control and energy efficiency when it’s necessary.

Skyline Panel Track Blinds

The modern take on vertical blinds, these shades are crafted with beautiful materials and wide panels that glide open and closed. The gliding panels offer simple movement with a gorgeous backdrop of style within your home. They also are easily paired with roller shades for a dynamic result!