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Duette® Honeycomb Shades
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    Duette® Honeycomb Shades
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  • Horizontal & Vertical Orientation
  • Automation for Hands-free Adjustment
  • Door Handle Cut-outs for Shutters
  • Low Profile Design

Choosing window treatments for doors is similar to choosing window treatments for large windows. You’ll experience reduced glare and UV rays, along with temperature control with energy efficient shades. Many of our fabrics cross collections, so coordinating the look of your Kansas City area home is simple. Find answers to the most common questions about Covering Doors.

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More Information about Window Treatments for Doors

It’s important to have window treatments for doors, but finding the right ones for your specific home can be tricky. Let’s take a look at some frequently asked questions so you can have a better idea of what might work for your Kansas City area home.

Can any type of window treatments be used for doors?

Yes, most window coverings have options for doors. Many homeowners like using window treatments for sliding glass doors that match the movement of the door…sliding back and forth. This includes vertical blinds, vertical shades, draperies and shutters. It’s also possible to use horizontal blinds or shades that hang from the door frame sliders, as well. For patio doors and french doors, roman shades, roller shades, sheer shades and honeycomb shades are all popular choices. Window blinds are an option for covering the glass panes of doors as well, attaching just above the window portion of the door.

How are the window coverings attached to the door?

Similar to how shades and blinds are mounted to the window frame, they are attached above the glass on the door. For sliders, this would be the surrounding door trim, just like the outside mount of window shades. When attaching vertical window coverings, they are typically attached to a track installed into the wall above the door frame. If you have a patio door or set of french doors with a limited amount of space for installation, you may be interested in the TrackGlide system, which adheres to the frame of the glass, not actually on the glass. The track guide the honeycomb shades up and down for adjustments, no drilling required.

What features are available for door coverings?

Even though doors seem like a unique type of window to cover doesn’t mean you can’t have it all! Window treatments for doors can feature many of the favorites, like smart shades, top down bottom up, energy efficiency, cordless design, room darkening & more.

Do window treatments for doors have to match the windows?

We always tel homeowners that it’s more important to coordinate the doors and windows in your home–not necessarily focus on making everything the same. With coordinating fabrics, colors and patterns, the doors and windows can feature the style of window treatment that suits the function best, and everything will flow together.

What happens to the door handles with window treatments?

Door handles can be a tricky issue when it comes to ordering window treatments. This is one more reason it’s helpful to consult with the experts–the last thing you need is to invest in window coverings, only to find that they have ruined the functional use of your doors. Window coverings can be customized with door handle cut-outs, we can suggest low profile shades that will not interfere, or we can customize the size of the window coverings so they aren’t hanging where they shouldn’t be.

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