Cordless & Child Safe Blinds

Applause® Honeycomb Shades
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Features for Child Safe Blinds & Shades

  • Cordless Blinds & Shades with Manual Control
  • Smart Shades & Blinds Are Cordless
  • Cords Can Be Properly Fastened in Place
  • Retractable Cords for Safety

When you have children or pets living in your home–or even just visiting, it’s important to have the peace of mind that cordless blinds and shades represent. At One Stop Decorating, we want to ensure the safety of our community members’ homes. We have a number  of operating systems that make safety a priority for children and pets. Dangling cords can be tempting to play with, but they pose dangers to the smallest members of your home, as it’s easy to get tangled up. Find out more about the choices in Child Safe Blinds and Shades, from cordless to cord-safe, and from manual to power options. You’ll rest easy with these innovative safety features, and with the clean look they provide, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

LiteRise Cordless Window Coverings

For cordless shades, we love showing off the simple, clean and highly effective LiteRise system. No cords means your window coverings are safe. This cordless lift system allows you to use your hand–pushing up, or pulling down–on the bottom rail. Your shades stay right where you want them–open, closed or anywhere in between.

PowerView Automatic Blinds & Shades

With automated shades, you get the benefit of cordless shades + so much more. Customize the adjustments by choosing remote control blinds that you can control with a tap on the remote or your phone. Choose smart operation to move your motorized shades with voice commands, a set schedule, or saved settings & favorite scenes. Child safe blinds just got way cooler!

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SimpleLift Cordless Blinds

You probably know what outdated blinds look like–with a mess of cords in a tangled display alongside the window. Or, neatly tied up and thrown out of reach. Not only are they unsafe, but they don’t function the way they’re intended. Let our team help you make safety a priority. For cordless blinds, the Hunter Douglas SimpleLift system means no more cords, plus a much simpler way to make adjustments. A button on the bottom rail is pressed, as your hand guides the rail up or down to raise or lower your blinds. Easy, effective and safe.

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