Duette® Honeycomb Shades

  • windows over stairwell covered by a beige window shade with honeycomb cells

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  • Cellular Shades Offer Year Round Comfort
  • Gorgeous Fabrics Enhance Design
  • LightLock™ Seals Out the Light
  • Great for Large Windows
  • TrackGlide™ for Tilt Turn Windows

With the highest energy efficiency rating in the industry, Duette honeycomb shades provide you with amazing style and incredible function for your Kansas City area home. In addition to the insulating properties that provide comfort and cost savings, the Duette collection is available with incredible features.

top down bottom up cream window shades


An innovative system, shades glide along the edges of “hard to cover” windows. The narrow track adheres to the edges of the window frame, just next to the glass, for adjustments that do not get in the way of operating the windows. Ideal for tilt-turn windows, french doors and other areas where space restricts window treatments from normal function.
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room darkening window shades in dark black Shawnee, MO


If you want the ultimate in blackout shades, the LightLock system is here. With side channels that encase the edges of your Duette honeycomb shades, incoming light is stopped before entering. With the light sealed outside, the opaque fabric of your room darkening shades will make your bedroom or media space completely dark, no matter the time of day.
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dual shades for energy efficiency Kansas City, MO


The best of both worlds, dual shades offer a wide range of light control. Keep your entire window covered for energy savings, but enjoy varying levels of lighting and view-through. The light-filtering shade portion and the room darkening shade are fused together as two shades on one window. Adjustments are made up and down to transform the room with ease.
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