Blinds for Palladian Windows using the Palladian Shelf!

Palladium2Do you have a Palladian window that needs blinds or shades? Would you like both windows to have the “same” treatment on each? If you answered yes and aren’t sure how to accomplish that… we have the solution.

First, let’s discuss what a Palladian window actually is. A true Palladian window is a very large window divided into three tall rectangular sections. The central and largest window is topped with a semicircular arched window with a base the same width as the section. It is flanked by two narrower windows. The windows are often enclosed by pilasters or columns. Today, the term Palladian Window” is also used to refer to a tall rectangular window topped by an arched window usually without any type of “divider” bar between them.

The Palladian window is, truly, an elegant and graceful design, whether it’s viewed from the inside or outside. Early Palladian windows were not covered in any way, because they were carefully placed to ensure privacy and control light. Today, however, most people don’t have that same luxury but more importantly, they are realizing the benefits of energy conservation.

Second, we’ll now discuss the most typical blind or shade solution for a Palladian window without a “divider” bar and with an inside mount. Cover the lower window with a wood blind (for example) and leave the arched window bare. That’s about it. Since there is no support/bar between the two frames… it’s impossible to mount two separate blinds on the same window.

Third, now here’s the solution for having the same blind or shade on your Palladian window or even your Transom window. And, believe it or not, it’s called a Palladian Shelf! This product is a hardwood shelf that can be painted or stained to match your trim. By attaching this shelf that is only 1 ½” tall, you can have the same treatment on both the top and bottom of your window.

For more information, visit this link or give us a call and let our window treatment specialists help you find the perfect blind or shade for your Palladian or Transom window.

To order your custom Palladian shelf don’t hesitate to give us a call or contact us. We order and ship to any where in the continental United States!