Window Treatment Spotlight: Child Safety

One of the most important aspects, when it comes to window enhancements, is child safety. Let’s discuss the newest innovations in helping keep your children and pets safe and out of harm’s way.

Home Window Safety

In school, your little ones may be learning how to stay safe in different situations, but what about at home? It’s important to be aware of one in particular–blind cords. These cords hang directly next to the window, but pose a continual threat to child safety.

child safety no more blind cords

With young imaginative minds, a simple cord is now a lasso or a necklace. If you currently have blinds with dangling cords, know that the US government Consumer Product Safety Commission put regulation on products as of December 2018 because of the hazards.

Which Options Increase Child Safety?

With cords posing such a hazard to child safety, what are your options?

literise cordless kansas city child safetyThe best kind of cord, is no cord at all! The LiteRise system removes cords allowing the lift system to be easily lifted or lowered by a gentle push or pull on the bottom rail.

child safety with motorized blinds olathe

When it comes to motorized shades, the initial thought is convenience, but what about child safety? Having the ability to operate shades to go up and down at a touch of a button also eliminates cord dangers.

plantation shutters child safety Overland Park

Due to their design, plantation shutters are cordless, but the benefits don’t stop there. The high-quality and durability of all Hunter Douglas shutters means they are framed right into the window. Because of this, there is no chance of your children falling through an open window.

When Cords are Safe for Window Coverings

Not every home layout can cater to cordless options. If your windows are behind furniture, for example, a different solution may be necessary. There are a few options deemed “cord-safe” below.

Soft Touch is a new operating system that offers hands-on motorized control with a lightweight wand. soft touch child safety Kansas CityIt is easily operated by giving the wand a slight tap up or a gentle tug down. If a child pulls too aggressively, the wand will disengage because it is held together with magnets, making it even safer.

At the window frame, continuous cord loops should be fastened in place with a cord tensioner. continuous cord loop for child safety in Overland ParkWe can provide you with that service. They operate just as easily, and you won’t be left with any hanging cords.

UltraGlide is a safe cord that will not get into your children’s hands. The cord always stays short, as it retracts when pulled for adjustments.faux wood blinds Overland Park child safety

Allow Us to Assist!

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