Style Statement: Farmhouse Window Treatments

Ever since the Fixer Upper stars, Chip & Joanna, brought farmhouse decorating to our TVs, it seems like we just can’t get enough. Farmhouse highlights the vintage look of chippy whites, the distressing of paints and the whitewash of woods. There’s no ‘one right way’ to do this popular look. But, when you need farmhouse window treatments, what might work?


Creating Coziness

farmhouse window treatments fabric curtains layered with shades white bedding Overland Park

Because the essence of farmhouse style is cozy, nestled, white interiors with wooden decor, fabrics may be an important way to bring together the atmosphere. Fabrics bring softness to a space. They also add dimension and visual interest at the window.

Highlighting Natural Elements

farmhouse decorating with wood plantation shutters Olathe

Farmhouse window treatments are a great way to take this style statement to a new level. Adding wood shutters at the window can increase the amount of natural wood grain in your home. Wooden elements play a large role in farmhouse decor.

Bringing in the Landscape

silhouette window shades let you see landscape for farmhouse style Kansas City

Many people who love farmhouse decorating also enjoy the idea of bringing in natural elements, like woven fibers and other accents found in nature. This includes a view of the landscape. With the right farmhouse window treatments, you’ll enjoy view-through, while also taking advantage of light control, privacy, diffused glare & more!

The Beauty of Farmhouse Window Treatments

The way each and every one of us styles their homes is very personal, as it should be. We believe that’s one of the reasons farmhouse decor has captivated audiences. It’s based on personal preference, many of the pieces tell a story and the finishes are those that appeal to the decorator themselves.

faux wood blinds for farmhouse style kitchen Shawnee KS

If you’re looking to continue this statement to your windows, we can help! We’ll guide you to the products you love, while making sure you’ll enjoy the benefits you deserve! Contact our team, at One Stop Decorating, for your FREE in-home design consultation.