Designing Your Contemporary Bedroom

Designing Your Contemporary BedroomWhen designing your modern bedroom, it is important to keep in mind your personal style in regards to paint colors, art, and furniture textures.

Here are a few design tips that are frequently used within contemporary bedrooms:

Curtains or Blinds

Floor to ceiling curtains are commonly seen in modern style bedrooms. It is a way to open up the room. Textures to consider using in a contemporary bedroom would be silk or sheer curtains. Blinds and shades are also commonly seen in contemporary bedrooms – consider white or wood. When choosing between curtains or blinds, consider the natural light you want to enter your room and the color schemes in your room.

Light Fixtures

Light is an important aspect to consider while designing your contemporary bedroom. Sleek light fixtures often add a modern feel, while lamps are a great way to incorporate functional, modern furniture.

Wall Space

It is important to have empty wall space to open the room up. However, one way to emphasize this is through the use of mirrors. Mirrors allow for rooms to appear larger than they are, while adding that contemporary décor to your room.


Vibrant bedding can be used as a splash of color if offset by neutral colors around the room.

Be open to design options when considering a modern, contemporary bedroom. However, it is most important to choose colors, furniture, and art that you are comfortable with. We at One Stop Decorating understand how important it is to design your perfect room. One stop Decorating Center is a family owned and operated business for over 30 years. We pride ourselves in making sure our customers are our top priority. One Stop Decorating can be found at one of our four locations in the Kansas City area including Shawnee, Lee’s Summit, the Northland, and Overland Park. We are confident that our experienced design team will be able to assist you with any and all of your decorating needs.