Do My Shutters Need To Match My Trim Color?

Shutter1 Customers are always asking if their indoor shutters should match the trim color on their windows.  We get questions like… "my window trim is oak stained, is it okay to use cream colored shutters?"  Or… "my window trim is white, can my shutters be a mahogany stained color?"

So… what color SHOULD your shutters be???  Whatever color you'd like….!!!

Shutter2 Typically, shutters are matched to the trim color so that it's hard to tell where the window casing ends and the shutters begin.  But, there is nothing wrong with having two different colors, especially if you want the contrast or you don't want to make the room seem too dark or too light. 

As you can see from the photos…. light shutters with dark trim or dark shutters with light trim… all look fabulous. Give us a call or stop in to one of our four Kansas City locations and let our window specialists help you choose the most beautiful shutter color for "YOUR" home.