Every Parent Deserves PowerView Blinds!

It was once said that if you are thinking about having children, you should smear your hands and feet with peanut butter and jelly, and then promptly run through your house touching every surface.

Being a parent, this probably sounds like your life. If you can stop yourself from cleaning Cheerios out from in between couch cushions long enough, take a moment to day dream…

Do you remember what it was like to enjoy the finer things in life? Do you remember waking up peacefully while soft light filtered into your bedroom? Do you remember what it felt like to relax, in your favorite chair, with a cup of coffee, all while gazing out at the landscape just beyond your windows? Do you remember how easy it was to leave the house? Hunter Douglas is making those far off dreams a current reality for Kansas City parents. With Hunter Douglas PowerView Blinds, experience the easier side of parenting….

The finer things in life: Is that even possible with children? With Hunter Douglas PowerView Blinds, you can still have window coverings to be proud of, to make your home a sanctuary. Instead of window coverings covered with peanut butter and jelly fingerprints, Hunter Douglas technology allows you to raise those blinds instantly. The fingerprints end up on the window, not the blinds. Raising those blinds with the touch of a button means your window coverings will be instantly open and adjusted correctly. No more adjusting and readjusting frustration. We know how busy you are. With just the push of a button, you can cross one item off of your to-do list. Let Hunter Douglas help make your life easier. Are you tired of tripping over toys, play sets and furniture to reach those cords? Hunter Douglas PowerView Blinds are cordless. Without cords, your window coverings look clean and tidy. It also alleviates the dangers of having cords hanging where young children could get hurt. Visit this link to find out more about these safety features.

Waking up peacefully may not be in the near future for you, but your Kansas City home can still be an environment of peace and tranquility. Hunter Douglas PowerView Blinds allow you to control every aspect of light entering your home. You can modify and tilt with the push of a button for soft, filtered light. If you want to take advantage of a beautiful, sunny Kansas City day, raise those window coverings all the way up. All of those adjustments occur with just the push of a button on your wall mount, remote or the Platinum App on your device, always at your fingertips.

What about those hard-to-reach windows? Do the blinds stay in the same position all the time? Hunter Douglas PowerView Blinds allow you to enjoy the beautiful Kansas City landscape just outside your window. Struggling with a ladder is just not an option with children around. That hook you may have made from a dowel rod to open and close? Your child is using it as a sword. Make your life easier with just the touch of a button. Enjoy the natural light, and stop wasting money on electricity. Are your children guilty of leaving lights on all over the house? With Hunter Douglas PowerView Blinds, they won’t even need to turn lights on with all of that natural light present. The technology does not stop with just the touch of a button. You can also schedule the time for Hunter Douglas PowerView Blinds to open, close, tilt or modify. Even as you complete the mountain of tasks it takes to get your family ready for the day, Hunter Douglas has you covered. You’ll save money by using natural light when you are home, and blocking out that hot, Kansas City sun while you are away. With this innovative technology of Hunter Douglas PowerView Blinds, leaving your Kansas City home has never been easier! Use your regular, daily schedule for those timed openings and closings with the Platinum App. Just running to the store? You can use your wall mount, remote or Phone App just before stepping out the door.

Speaking of scheduling that natural light – do you have teenagers? Teenagers appreciate their sleep. Nagging them to wake up can seem like a full-time job. Set the shades in your teen’s room to open in time for them to wake up, get ready and still have time for breakfast. All can be achieved without your voice being the snooze alarm.

Gazing out at the amazing Kansas City landscape might seem like a memory, but with Hunter Douglas PowerView Blinds, it can still be part of your life in such an easy way. It takes just the push of a button to see those sights. No adjusting and readjusting to modify and tilt, to open and close. Using the wall mount, remote, or the Smart Phone App on your phone, you can open your home to your view. You can watch your children play in your backyard with just the touch of a button.

When all else fails, after a long drive in I-35 traffic, Hunter Douglas PowerView Blinds give you the opportunity to relax on the couch for a much needed – and welcomed – break by entertaining your child! That touch of a button technology used to open, close, tilt and modify your blinds with the remote, or even the Smart Phone App on your device is guaranteed fun. We promise, it will keep your little one busy for at least five minutes. You might even have enough time for that cup of coffee.