Glass Sliding Doors

Glass DoorsGlass sliding doors are a functional option that many have in their home. However, glass sliding doors can prove to be difficult when trying to find an appropriate and aesthetically pleasing window covering. Here are a few options which we recommend:

  • Vertical Blinds – Vertical blinds are most commonly used for 2-panel sliding glass doors. They allow access through the door panel and can be adjusted to cover only the stationary panel. Vertical blinds are the perfect option for blocking out sunlight and life outside (if the doors are facing a busy street or public area).
  • Horizontal Sliding Blinds – We recommend using horizontal sliding blinds if you are trying to control the amount of natural sunlight that enters your room. Sliding glass doors often let through heat from sunlight (most commonly during the summer months). This option is a great way to control the sunlight’s glare.
  • Double Horizontal Blinds – Double horizontal blinds lay flush with the double panel glass. This allows you to customize the times that you want to raise one shade while leaving another lowered.

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