Helpful tips when getting ready to move!

Moving can be one of the most overwhelming events in a person’s life.

It causes worry and concern because of the tiresome labor, the unknown future and the fear that your most prized possessions or much needed items will be lost or damaged. Looking for ways to make your move much less stressful? Here is a checklist of things you can do in the weeks prior to moving day to make things run much more smoothly.

Change your address online. It can sometimes take 6-10 days for this request to process. Do it ahead of time so you have mail service changed the day you move.

Contact utility services to stop in one residence and start in another. Most of the time, utilities such as gas, electric and water/sewer/garbage will be taken care of immediately when you call.

Services such as cable, internet and phone may require time.

Banks and credit card companies should be notified of your new address.

Call to schedule the moving equipment. Make sure the correct sized truck is available for your specific dates. If you want other equipment, such as blankets or a hand truck, reserve them. They may not be available otherwise.

Use up the items in your freezer and fridge to reduce waste and garbage.

Packing materials can be expensive. They are available to buy in the offices of storage facilities or moving companies.  A better idea is to order them ahead of time online. This allows you to get a deal. Companies often offer packages of supplies for a decent price: or

Try to pack things you are not currently using: clothes out of season, extra dishes, books and toys.

Donating items that you no longer need will mean less belongings to pack and move. Don’t forget to ask for your tax deductible receipt for those items. or

Last but not least stop by OSD for temporary shades while you wait for your new window coverings. Living in a fish bowl for all your new neighbors is an introduction we are sure you are looking to avoid.

Good Luck with your move and congratulations on your new home!