How to Find the Perfect Curtains for your Home

How to FInd the Perfect Curtains for Your HomeAfter you have newly remodeled and decorated a room, most individuals think that curtains are the last addition to a room. So often curtains are chosen without much thought or planning. However, the curtains you choose could make or break the design and style of the rest of your room. Here are a few tips to consider when it comes to your window treatments –


Each room is different and has a unique design element about it. Curtains do not need to match throughout every room of your home. It is important to select individual colors and types of window treatments specific to each room.


Before you choose your window treatments, know what kind of lighting you would like to come through the window for each room.

Dark window treatments that block a lot of natural light should be used in bedrooms.

Sheer window treatments provide light & airy feelings that can warm and compliment a room. They are best used in sunrooms and rooms that do not need privacy, such as kitchens.


Window treatments come in a variety of materials and fibers. However, when choosing a practical window treatment, be sure you focus on materials that are fade resistant from the sun.

Silk fabrics will quickly fade due to sunlight.

Know Your Room and You

It is important to plan out what fabric, color, and desired lighting you want from your window treatments. It is essential that your curtains match the theme and feeling of your room to help make your home feel unified. We at One Stop Decorating are proud to offer our customers our experience and expertise with our own design team. With four store locations located in Shawnee, Lee’s Summit, the Northland, and Overland Park – We are the largest independent full line decorating resource in the Kansas City area.