Trending: The Top 5 Interior Design Styles

Interior design is constantly evolving. Even you may change what you like, or discover something new that grabs your attention. The uniqueness of today’s current interior design styles is that they’re different, able to fit individual style. There isn’t just one preference of what homeowners are liking in 2024, and so we want to take a look at the top 5. Are there even more than 5? Absolutely! But, we want to show you the ones that are at the top of the charts.


Wabi Sabi

Warmth. Comfort. Softness. There is beauty in imperfection.

A signature look for this design statement is weathered and charming textures. Warm neutrals and monochromatic color schemes let the textures and character be the real stars. This style is very welcoming and comfortable due to its natural touches.  You probably have seen this as one of the popular interior design styles sweeping Instagram. Many minimalist influencers are showcasing this look.


Mid Century Modern

Vibrant colors. Organic shapes with clean lines.

Once the most groovy way to style your home in the 1960s and 70s, it’s made its way back. The retro vibe of the Mid-Century Modern leaves so much to love. The vibrant and bold colors to the wood grain accents. The unique characteristics of the geometric shapes used in walls and ceilings is very pronounced. The use of clean lines mixed with organic shapes create a juxtaposition that works really well together. Furniture that falls into this style has a low profile with thin framing. 



Oceanside charm. Breezy. Relaxing.

Can you hear the waves crashing and the seagulls cawing? Coastal decor has a calming color palette of blues and whites. Add some natural materials like driftwood, grass, and beach glass to the mix. The furniture in this style has an emphasis on comfort. Because, when you’re near water elements, you should be relaxing! Large oversized and stuffed should be the goal. Decor items that are nautical or sea-inspired always are charming and look cohesive. Elevate the atmosphere to be airy and soft with linen. Incorporate that into blankets, pillows, or curtains.



Japanese minimalism. Scandinavian functionality.

The fusion of these two style is both pleasing on the eye as well as day-to-day life ease. The main focus of both is minimalism. The Scandinavian design highlights clean surfaces, simple furnishings, and white walls. Japanese homes focus on zen- inspired colors like blues and greens while maintaining simplicity. The marriage of Japanese and Scandinavian both use natural materials to complete the look.


Modern Farmhouse

Whites. Wood. Rustic touches.

This style pulls textures and elements from exactly what the name says, an actual Farmhouse. Textiles are burlap and canvas. Galvanized decor and vintage pieces that appear to be found on an actual farm adorn this vibe. Distressed edging and wall treatments such as shiplap and board & batten are a staple. The colors are very clean and range from all white to soft neutrals. It’s a very cozy and inviting style that many people find appealing. 


Which Window Treatments Match These Interior Design Styles?

That’s what your One Stop Decorating window covering specialist is for! We will walk you through the inspiration of interior design styles to discover elements you like. And yes, we said styles. It’s okay to like more than one. Everyone is unique, and we’ll find the perfect fit for you and your home. Get in touch with us to schedule your free in-home design consultation.

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