Outdoor Shades

Patio ShadeOutdoor sun shades can reduce your home’s cooling costs while controlling the amount of natural light that enters your patio or sunroom. Outdoor blinds and shades are made with special solar screen fabrics, stopping the heat and letting in the natural light when it comes into contract with your window treatment, which ultimately allows your room to become cooler and lighter at the same time. Light control and preventing UV rays from entering your room are just some of the benefits to using outdoor blinds and shades. Other benefits you’ll see by choosing solar screen fabrics include having daytime privacy while still being given the ability to comfortably look out your window, the ease of installation of outdoor shades above a door or window, and their availability in a variety of colors, allowing your patio or sunroom’s decor to be complimented by your window treatment of choice.

No matter what outdoor shade fits your home’s needs, we at One Stop Decorating can assist you with any and all of your window treatment needs. We are proud to offer our customers our experience and expertise at each of our four store locations: Shawnee, Lee’s Summit, The Northland, and Overland Park. We are the largest independent, full line decorating resource in the Kansas City area.