ClearView Welcomes a Breathtaking View

In the Kansas City area, we enjoy sunny skies and gorgeous views. But the combination isn’t always inviting. Common problems easily arise when you want the view, but feel frustrated with uncontrolled light. That’s why we are thrilled to introduce you to Silhouette ClearView. This revolutionary shading innovation from Hunter Douglas takes the view of the landscape to a whole new level!


The Magic of ClearView

sheer shades ClearView close upAre you familiar with the traditional Silhouette shades? The fabric vanes essentially “float” between front and back sheer fabrics, allowing you customized view-through and light control. Those floating vanes, when adjusted completely open lie parallel to the floor–almost invisible. The magic of ClearView happens with the rear sheer fabric. It’s a transparent black sheer that allows the view to appear more and breathtaking than ever. Imagine it as the HDR version of your view. True-to-life, color-rich and brightened for a dynamic look in your home.   


What Are the Benefits?

ClearView living room large windowIn Kansas City, it can be common to have large windows in certain rooms in your home that show off the view. The benefits of ClearView allow those specialized windows a gorgeous view-through so you can experience your landscape without allowing unwanted light and glare. The beauty of your view is amplified, but you still control the light with sheer fabrics that diffuse the glare, reflect outside light and protect the interior of your home from harmful UV rays.


Traditional VS ClearView

ClearView vs traditionalThis revolutionary new design has people wondering, “Will this replace the traditional Silhouette?” The answer is, “No.” Why? This new sheer technology will be the ideal choice for those windows in your home where you want to experience the view of your landscape with all the benefits of shadings. Traditional Silhouette shades allow for more of a “glowing atmosphere” with view-through that’s filtered. The additional benefit that comes with the traditional sheer fabrics is the increased privacy. The best part? You can have both–even in the same room. You’ll customize your shading choices based on the needs of the room or individual windows.


Want to see the Comparison?

clearview comparisonHere they are, side by side. Standing just outside your home, you can see the difference in the privacy. While the view of the landscape is dynamic with ClearView, there is also a diffused view into your home. The traditional sheer backing allows you to see outside, but as you can tell, the view in is much less apparent. That’s why the choice of fabrics will be a truly custom experience.


The Innovations of Hunter Douglas

This revolutionary new design for our Silhouette collection is exciting. It adds tremendous design opportunity and customization for your home. But, that’s not all! Hunter Douglas has launched a number of new products, features and fabulous fabrics this year. We would love for you to experience the latest innovations in person. Come visit one of our 4 Kansas City area Hunter Douglas showrooms. Got a busy schedule? We understand. We’ll come right to your home for a free, shop-at-home appointment to show you the latest designs! Contact our team at One Stop Decorating today!