Should I Re-Upholster My Furniture Or Just Buy New?

Chair Are you debating about whether to re-upholster "Grandma's" old chair or your old "College Days" sofa… or just buy a new one?  Are you wondering which is more economical?   Are you wondering about the pro's and cons?   If you are, here are a couple of tips. 

First, it "CAN" cost as much to re-upholster a piece of furniture then to just buy a new one.  But… you have to factor in the quality of the piece being re-upholstered vs the new piece you're purchasing.  85% of people re-upholster their furniture because the exterior, not the interior, (framework) has been damaged.

Second, 75% of the people who choose re-upholstery do so to preserve the "memories" of the furniture.  Some things are worth preserving… irregardless of cost.

Third, sometimes you just can't find that certain ready-made sofa, chair or ottoman's fabric that fits your style or color scheme.  When you re-upholster, you get to choose your fabrics' color and quality.

So… what does this all mean?   It means… there are no wrong answers.  You choose what's right for you.  And we can help you with both.  Not only do we offer custom furniture (you can select styles and fabrics)… we can also have any type of heirloom or nostalgic furniture re-upholstered for you.  

Give us a call or stop in.   We'd love to help you sort it out!