Introducing Solera Shades

Style… Simplified.

Solera Shades by Hunter Douglas

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce a brand new product. Solera Shades are the newest member of the Hunter Douglas family.  This product offers style, design and energy efficient choices. The best part? Solera Shades are budget friendly. Hunter Douglas has also made the decision process easy. With these four simple choices: style, color, function and lifting system, you will have gorgeous shades to meet the function and style needs of any room.

Choose your fabric, style and color. Hunter Douglas has chosen five distinct fabric textures to suit any style, starting from a smooth surface, increasing texture and design through each choice. There are over 30 colors from which to choose. An added bonus is the street-facing color stays off-white for exterior house uniformity.

Choose your function. Do you need shades with light filtering or room darkening properties? Depending on how the room is used will determine which choice is best for your home. The good news is that you will not be limited with color choice based on the opacity you need.

Choose a lifting system. Hunter Douglas is well known for their easy to use, state of the art, child-safe lifting systems. With Solera, you choose the system that works best for your home. You will not be charged extra. Solera is available, free of charge, in EasyRise, LiteRise and UltraGlide. The lift cords are hidden inside the cell so you can enjoy the look, without seeing the lifting system. The option to add PowerRise to your Solera shades is also available.

We will be happy to show you this brand new line, including the ability to see up close the colors, patterns and textures of the fabrics. We can also demonstrate the function of light filtering versus room darkening using our own sample on your windows.  Contact us to schedule your free, in-home consultation.

Solera - Cordless
Solera – Cordless
Solera – Powerrise
Solera – Ultraglide
Solera – Easyrise