Swing-Arm Rods!

Swing Arm Are you looking for a swing-arm rod?  Do you even know what they are?   We have the answer to both!

Swing-arm rods are hinge mounted curtain rods that open like a shutter.  They come in different sizes, shapes and finishes.  They have a hinge on one end and are particularly useful on french doors or small windows when you want to swing a curtain to one side instead of sliding it across a rod.  Most curtain rods are attached to the wall or window trim on both ends. This is not the case with swing arm curtain rods.

These unique rods are attached only on one side. When the draperies are closed, they appear like any other rod. But to open them, you simply pull back on the rod or the draperies, themselves, and they swing like a door on a hinge.

They can be mounted inside or outside the frame, but are typically mounted outside the frame of the window.  They provide a different kind of window treatment option that is unique and creative.  It's a convenient way to open and close curtains… all with a single motion.

So… if you're looking for a swing-arm rod, call or stop into one of One Stop Decorating's four locations.  We'll be happy to help you with an arm… right "OR" left!