Bernie – 01/21/19

I am very, very satisfied with the customer service that I received from One Stop Decorating and Hunter Douglas. They both take customer satisfaction very seriously. The staff at One Stop and Hunter Douglas took a personal interest and made an extra effort to provide me with great customer satisfaction. In August 2018 we had three 6 foot long, 3 foot wide custom made motorized shades installed across 9 feet of glass wall. There was an immediate problem with the shades in that when fully extended they each twisted away from the window on the bottom left side about 2 inches. One Stop inspected the installation and working with Hunter Douglas replaced the shades two more times with the same style and color. Both replacements had the same problem as the original installation. One Stop and Hunter Douglas decided to replace the shades with a similar style and color. Hunter Douglas sent me 10 samples, one was selected, they were installed in November 2018, they hang perfectly and look great. All this extra effort with no additional cost. Many, many thanks to the One Stop people, Bobbi, Nichole, Brian, Ryan and Jeff. Also, many, many thanks to Jeffrey at Hunter Douglas. I will definitely choose One Stop and Hunter Douglas products in the future.

Bernie - 01/21/19