Hao N. – 06/13/20

I would like to tell One Stop how much I have enjoyed working with your employee Sherry Metcalf who came to my home at my request to help me with my blinds when I thought your company could order us a bracket I needed for my blind. I could not explain if it was a hunter douglas blind over the phone to Sherry. I did not know how to send a picture so she said she could come by and check on her way home from work. She was able to help me and took time to measure for my bedroom blind and let me know how much the blind might cost so she could get us an appointment with the designer. We bought from one stop before and the employees have always been very kind and professional. My husband and I are senior citizens and Sherry Metcalf made us feel safe when she wore protection as she entered our home. We will tell everyone not to shop at other places and come to your showrooms to see how they can take care of your home too. Thank you for having the people you have to help people like us. We will never forget your company,ESP Sherry Metcalf .

Hao N. - 06/13/20