Wallcoverings Go Upscale in 2011!

EcoChic This is a great article that was published in the KC Star on 1/9/2011.  It basically confirms what we already know… "Wallpaper has made a HUGE comeback"!!   

According to one source, Wallquest (a manufacturer and wholesaler of wallcoverings), wallpaper is up 50% from last year compared to 2009.  They also predict another 25% increase in 2011.  Great news for those who have always loved wallpaper but have shied away from it lately fearing it wasn't "trendy" anymore.

And like the article states… "today's wallpapers aren't your grandmother's grasscloth"!  Today's wallpaper's are more eco-friendly, easier to hang (some tell you exactly where the match is) and easier to remove (some are even dry strippable).

We've ALSO noticed the increase in "designer" wallpaper sales even though these papers have a heftier price tag.  Instead of wallpapering a whole room, alot of our clients are choosing these unique, upscale, dramatic patterns and wallpapering only one wall… creating a beautiful focal point for their room.

So what does this all mean to you?  It means that if you love wallpaper like we do… then "just do it"!  We'll even help you find that perfect paper.  All of our stores have a complete wallpaper library (including Wallquest) and our Shawnee and Lee's Summit stores even stock hundreds of wallcoverings that you can purchase and hang the same day.  And, if you're not comfortable with installing it yourself, we can do that for you too.

Your home's bare walls are calling.  Give them a new look in 2011!!!