Wallpaper Is Sticking Around!

Grasscloth Some customers have asked us, recently, if wallpaper is outdated or becoming outdated.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  In fact, wallpaper is flying off our shelves onto customer's walls faster than it takes paint to dry. 

One of the biggest complaints has always been about removing it.   Now, with advanced technology, there are wallpapers that can be dry-stripped as well as some that require the wall to be pasted instead of the paper.  Finding matches and repeats have also become easier as there are wallpapers that actually mark the "match" point on the paper.

We have noticed that the trend for 2010 seems to be bigger, more transitional patterns.  Grasscloth (as shown) has also made a big comeback.  Even though borders are still popular with our customers… the trend seems to be leaning to only sidewall paper. 

So, if you're thinking about wallpapering a whole room or even one wall, stop by One Stop Decorating's four locations to check out what's "sticking around" for 2010.  We'd also love to hear your comments and questions about wallpaper on our website or blog.