Wallpaper Is Still Hanging Around!

Contrary to what you’ve probably heard… wallpaper has made a big comeback and we’re selling plenty of it.

We’re also selling lots of “paintable” wallpaper.  Paintable wallpaper is, very simply, wallpaper that is designed to be painted. It comes in plain white, prepped and ready to receive any color of paint. The draw to this wallpaper is the design.  It comes in tons of different patterns, so when you paint over it, the pattern is visible on the wall.

It mimics the look of specialty faux painting techniques, and it also offers options that would be impossible to create through painting alone. The design on paintable wallpaper is in 3D – it is raised off the paper and therefore provides texture to your otherwise bare walls.  It can easily conceal any flaws on the wall and can even be used over paneling.

So, whether you’re looking for paintable wallpaper or regular wallpaper…stop by our Shawnee or Lees’ Summit locations and check out our great selection of both.  We’re Kansas City’s #1 source!!!