Window Treatments and Seasons Change

Window Treatments and Seasons ChangeSpring is in bloom and there are a few ways to enhance natural lighting in the spring and summer months ahead by simply changing your window coverings.  It is often overlooked, however, that changing your room’s shades, valances, curtains, or drapes according to seasonal changes keeps your room feeling updated, open, and bright.

  • Remove your heavy, dark window covers, drapes, and curtains and replace them with light, sheer, and brighter colored window treatments that appropriately reflect the weather change.
  • Light colored shutters offer a warm, welcoming, traditional appeal to your room.
  • Using brightly colored shades, drapes, or curtains will open up your room and act as a seasonal accent.
  • Be open to new colors and materials as a way to allow your room to reflect the warmer months ahead.

No matter how you choose to alter your room’s window treatment for springtime, we at One Stop Decorating can assist you in designing your perfect room. We specialize in blinds, shades, draperies, and decor for your home. With over 30 years of experience, we are confident that we are the most qualified company in the Kansas City area to assist you with any and all of your home decorating needs.