3 Things Privacy Blinds and Shades Can Do for You

Privacy and comfort–they go hand-in-hand. In order to feel comfortable in your home, you need to have options for privacy. Sure, there might be rooms in your home that you love having open to the outside world, but there are probably ones where prying eyes are a little less welcome. Certain times of the day often call for more privacy as well. When you’re relaxing in the evening, you may want to feel a little more closed off because your interior lighting makes it all too easy for neighbors and passers-by to see what you’re up to. So, how do you get options for privacy? With privacy blinds and shades. And, it doesn’t have to be ‘all or nothing’ anymore. Recent innovations enable you to have a range of choices for the level of privacy at each individual window. You don’t have to live with bare windows or window coverings that just don’t do their job. Privacy blinds and shades can give you the solutions you and your family need to live in comfort. Here are three things that privacy blinds and shades can do for you.


1. Function so you can have it all.

If you’re looking for privacy blinds and shades, you want them to provide privacy…obviously. So, does that mean you have to sacrifice other functions? Absolutely not! Our top down bottom up privacy blinds and shades let you “have it all” when it comes to function. Being able to position your shadings exactly where you need them means that you can enjoy natural light at the ceiling along with sky views–all while keeping most of your window covered.

top down shades in bedroom of kansas city area home

Energy efficiency, UV protection, glare reduction, controlled lighting, and as much privacy as you want are all at your disposal. Privacy might be your top priority, but it doesn’t have to be all that your window coverings provide. With top down bottom up privacy blinds and shades, you get everything you need to create the most comfortable atmosphere in your home.


2. Upgrade your style throughout your home.

The function of your window coverings is important, but so is their style. Having the right window coverings in your home adds incredible beauty and design to your spaces. Achieving designer style is all about creating a coordinated look, and the same, or similar, window coverings play a big part. Hunter Douglas gives you the ability to choose your opacity. Why does this matter? Well, it means that you can have the same window covering selections throughout your home with the level of opacity you need for each window location or type of room.

when you need privacy in your Kansas City area home

Choose your favorite shades, and then customize the opacity for your specific preferences. In areas where you want more privacy–bedrooms and bathrooms, perhaps–go with a more opaque fabric. In places you need less, a semi-sheer selection could work well. Coordinating your privacy blinds and shades will upgrade the styling in your home and surround you with beauty and just the right amount of privacy.


3. Give you complete control.

When it comes to your privacy, nothing should stand in the way of getting how much, or little, you want. You should have options, and you should be in control. Sheer shadings give you both. Their rotating vanes adjust along a range–letting you choose the level of privacy to meet your every need. Fully open, they allow a gorgeous view-through and filter natural light for beautiful daylighting. Closed, they offer the kind of privacy you deserve.

Vertical sheer shades on patio window next to custom bar space
Luminette® Privacy Sheers

Positioning them anywhere in between delivers just the right mix of privacy, view, and light. Add PowerView automation, and you’ll really be smiling! Motorized privacy blinds and shades will transform your home and your life. You can create the perfect atmosphere with the touch of a button or schedule your adjustments to happen automatically throughout the day without another thought from you. The only way it could get better would be to connect your motorized shades with your home integration system, and you can do that! Convenience, comfort, and control are yours with motorized privacy blinds and shades.


Ready for privacy blinds and shades?

Privacy blinds and shades can do so much for your home and your lifestyle. You can finally have the comfortable privacy you’ve been longing for, and you don’t have to sacrifice light, view, or anything else to get it. Our privacy blinds and shades let you enjoy all the benefits of window coverings while enabling you to choose the level of privacy to meet your specific needs. If you’re ready for privacy blinds and shades, our team is ready to help. We can come out to your home with ideas, inspiration, and product samples. We’ll listen to you and guide you toward window coverings that’ll create the perfect atmosphere of light, privacy, and style throughout your home. Contact us at One Stop Decorating for your free, shop-at-home experience today! You’ll be so glad you did.