Get Ready: Fall Style Trends You’ll Love

In the past week, I’ve found myself surprised every time I write the date. How can it possibly be the end of August? The past few months flew by in a mixture of excitement and memory-making, and now that the kids are back in school, reality strikes. Summer is basically over. The only thing I can say is… “Woohooo!” While I love the summer months, the end of the heat and long days is welcomed. It’ll be no surprise for you when I say that fall is my favorite season of the year. How can it not be? The Kansas City area is one of the most beautiful places to spend the next few months of the year, and with upcoming fall style trends on the horizon, it’s time to mix things up in the design world.


Beautiful Light & Color

Gorgeous color fills the landscape of the Kansas City area in fall. One of the most popular fall style trends this year will be the rich colors you’ll want to capture for your home. Love the bright gold or rustic orange you see throughout your drive along I-35? Bold colors are totally in this season, set in warm tones, letting you embrace nature throughout your home. And, it doesn’t stop at solids. Patterns in fabrics and area rugs can breathe life into your space for a unique look.

rich colors fall style trends

Meanwhile, the daylight is still here, filling our lives with the energy booster we need to enjoy the outdoors before it gets too cold. Control the light in your home with light-filtering honeycomb shades that let you enjoy your home with innovative features like top down, specialty shapes and vertical operation for your sliding glass doors.


An Atmosphere of Cozy Warmth

There’s no better way to spend a comfortable afternoon in the Kansas City area than kicking back and watching the Royals, unless you’re actually tailgating over at Kauffman. For those comfortable times where relaxing is key, I love the fall style of design + function. Accessories that offer both stylish charm and function? Yes, please. Let’s talk blankets and pillows. Texture is huge in design, and when you’re looking toward fall, you’ll want to choose textures that help you create a warm, cozy atmosphere. Think cable knit sweaters. Sweater-like textures offer dimension and comfort for the perfect balance in your home. Other fall style trends will show rustic textures, like distressed pieces and items out of the natural world. Do you have a fireplace? Find a charming way to display the logs, like a galvanized metal wash tub or a wire metal basket. Function and style come together for the ideal look.

cozy textures fall style trends

The classic styling of this space is created by plantation shutters. Let the light into your home while you enjoy the beauty of fall’s changing landscape. It’s the perfect backdrop this time of year.


Fashion Fusion with High Contrast

Of all the design influences we’ve seen this year, which is your favorite? The sheen of metallics, the allure of distressed wood, or the sleek profile of mid-century modern? How about all of the above? The fall style trends we are seeing fuse the most popular features, bringing them together for a distinct look. You’ll see distressed wood furniture dressed up with mirrors and metallics. You’ll see colors that invite calm contrasted with those that energize–it’s all about what captivates your eye. In your own home, you’ll be able to bring in the clean, minimalist look of mid-century modern furniture highlighted by finishes that contrast for a unique design. This year’s fall style trends lets you bring in pieces you love, with high contrast, that work together for a designer finish.

fusion of finishes fall style trends

Hunter Douglas is all about finishing textures and colors this year. With the introduction of custom window coverings in a range of fabrics that speak to the biggest style trends of the year, you can add chic sophistication to your home.

Get Your Favorite Fall Style Trends

Summer might be coming to an end, but a new chapter is just beginning. Which fall style trends are you excited about? At One Stop Decorating, we can help you with your next project in the Kansas City area. From custom window treatments to home accents, we’d love to visit you for a free, in-home consultation. Let’s get started today!