Back To School/Back To Decorating in Kansas City!

Wall Decals It's back to school time again in Kansas City and that means "decorating". 

For college students… that means decorating their dorm rooms.  For parents with college students… that usually means re-decorating their child's "old" room.

Even parents who do NOT have children heading off to college this fall… that means decorating because they now have the time to do it.

Irregardless of the reason, this is a great time to "decorate" and we'll be giving great tips and advice on our blog and Facebook page.  For example… use peel-n-stick wall appliques, calendars and even dry erase boards to customize your child's dorm room.  You can move and reposition them over and over without damaging the walls.

Check out our website and Facebook page and let's start decorating!!!