Exciting Windows By One Stop Decorating!

Magic When they all work together, custom window treatments, luscious fabrics and rich or creamy colors really do work “magic” in a room, composing a true symphony of light, texture and comfort for you and your family to enjoy. It’s not always easy to accomplish without first hitting a few notes out of tune. But, when you have the help of a trained, certified Window Fashions Professional to transpose your ideas with expert knowledge of products, measuring, installation and more creative ideas, into your beautiful reality, you really cannot go wrong.

Take a look at the slideshow we’ve prepared to help you get the ideas going. Each beautiful installation was done on a budget, from small to quite large… but the only difference you’ll note is in the execution of the ideas. Each is a CUSTOM treatment specifically designed with window and lighting solutions, budgets and décor concepts particular to the owner’s ideas and needs.

Check out this "WOW" video and then give us a call or stop by and let us help you do something exciting for YOUR windows!