It’s Here: The Color of the Year 2024

Hey Kansas City, the Pantone Color Institute has made their big announcement for 2024! The Color of the Year has design blogs buzzing. Are you ready to join the fun? The shade is Peach Fuzz and it’s about to change the way you view styling with peach. 

Inspired by Peach Fuzz?

Who would have thought that peach, in any shade, would be considered for color of the year, yet here we are. A color that’s been avoided for years is making a strong comeback and to be honest, home designers are loving the soft, gentle hue and using it in unpredictable ways. How can we inspire you to add Peach Fuzz to your home? Check out the photos below and see ways the peach family can fit in subtly, boldly but always perfectly. 

Refreshed Cabinetry

Smart, sleek, upscale kitchens are all over social media and the common denominator is color.  These peach color cabinets bring sophisticated style and the ultimate retro vibe. The kitchen below reflects the height of style with a posh marble backsplash and sleek barstools to complete the look. 

refreshed cabinetry in the color of the year kansas city kitchen

Unexpected Lighting

Be creative when introducing new colors to your home. Lighting fixtures can be used as an accent color, adding dimension and interest to your design. These rose-colored copper globes are reminiscent of a peachie hue. The chairs and reflected wall shade bring it all together and finish off this chic design.

peach globes in color of the year

Elevated Wall Design

Peach Fuzz might be all the rage, but this feature wall knocks it out of the park. It’s amazing how paint can transform a space, this ombre inspired design adds visual interest and a sophisticated look to this ordinary bedroom. 

color of the year ombre wall design in kansas city

Color Pairings Evolved

It’s wonderful to have color pairings we can depend on. The classic combo of black, white & red are a staple when it comes to design. Lately, we have seen color pairings evolve a bit, creating fresh new looks. Take this bathroom for example, the designer replaces red with peach for a much softer look. The results are incredible and not too far off from traditional. 

color of the year inspired color pairings

Finally, Windows…

Now that you’ve warmed up to the possibility of Peach Fuzz, remember another place to infuse color is at the window. This subtle, warm shade of peach evokes a peaceful feeling and looks great as a honeycomb shade, roman shade or drapery. It can add subtle color without overpowering the rest of the room.

color of the year vibe in shades
Applause® Honeycomb Shades

Color of the Year 2024: Take a Chance

What do you think?  Is Peach Fuzz a “no” or a “go”?  Seeing the peach family in so many incredible designs makes us believe the color will be around for a while. Whether you choose a version of peach for an accent wall or want to upgrade your window treatments with this soft shade, we can help! Get in touch with us for a FREE in-home consultation today!