5 Tips for an Organized Home

Embarking on a journey into the new year leaves many people craving a clean slate. It typically starts as you begin to envision a meticulously organized home. If you’re ready to dive in to how to make this dream a reality, we have you covered. Five tips can be applied to almost every situation that leaves your house feeling fresh and organized. Let the transformation begin now!

5 Steps to Achieve an Organized Home

  1. The first step is to remove everything. Trust us. Just remove everything! 
  2. There is no need to feel guilty about removing broken or expired items from your home. If you have pieces that are in good condition, consider donating them. 
  3. Categorize your items into groups. This will be greatly beneficial, especially for those items that do not fit into a particular category. 
  4. Reintroducing items back into the space is easy once you utilize containers and baskets. 
  5. Tackle one space at a time. This will make the process less challenging. 

Transform Your Closets 

Closets tend to be a dumping ground when you need to get things out of the way quickly. Items get shoved into the closet, where most tend to be forgotten and collect dust. As you embark on the journey to a more organized home, you will find that decluttering, sorting, and simplifying will all take you in the right direction. You can elevate your closets by incorporating storage containers like woven baskets, clear bins, or any style that matches your aesthetic. 

Built in shelving within a closet with baskets that fit perfectly into space

Upgrading the Entryway 

When envisioning your entryway, the initial image might be where you welcome guests into your home. However, we’re focusing on the space where daily life unfolds—backpacks are dropped, leashes find their place, shoes are sprawled across the floor, and the remnants of a day settle. Unlike formal entrances, this area can quickly turn into chaos, but there are easy ways to remedy this. 

A neutral tone mudroom with sandy brown built ins, hooks with purses and hats and a tile floor?

Adopting the mantra that everything deserves a spot is a game-changer for this area of the home. Start by installing hooks for coats, backpacks, and hats, while shelving is used for boots and shoes. If you want to add your style to the space, select baskets that can be used for your pet’s accessories. These small changes can help give this space a distinct purpose while contributing to a more organized home. 

Tackling the Toys

There is a delightful chaos that comes with having kids in the house. As you walk through the toy battlefield, you may stop and search for how to maintain an organized home. The good news is that the mess is not going to be present forever. By following five rules, you can effortlessly bring cleanliness and order to areas in your home. 


Do you oftentimes find toys that get tossed aside as your kids are looking for the next plaything? Consider donating, discarding, or rehoming these items. If you choose to find another place for these toys in your home, try storing them away, reintroducing them after a few weeks. There’s a possibility that this toy might become a new favorite and earn a top spot in the toy basket or on a bookshelf.

Boosting Your Efficiency

There’s nothing better than natural light to boost your mood as you plan to organize your home.

Alustra® Woven Textures®

Let the natural light stream in, and you’ll feel energized. However, too much natural light can leave you feeling drained. Our team is here to help strike the perfect balance for you. Even the darkest corners of your home can have newfound light with the correct window treatments. If you’re ready to dive in, contact our team today to schedule a FREE consultation.