Woof, Woof! 6 Truths Dog Owners Fully Understand

Do you have a dog in your life? If so, you’ve probably gone down paths you’ve never imagined…and I’m not just talking about when Sparky’s chasing a squirrel. Sharing your heart and your home with a dog often leads to things you never expected–both good and not so good. If you’re a dog owner, I know you can relate to these truths about life with pups:


#1 They Have Preferred Spots.

And those spots are never where YOU want them to be! While the coziest dog bed in the world sits just off the kitchen, you always find your pooch curled up on your most expensive chair.

pet safe shades Hunter Douglas Lee’s Summit 64086

If your dog’s like ours, she loves to take in the action around your house while sneaking peeks at life outside the windows. Her favorite spot gives her the best of both worlds! And these Pirouette sheer shades offer view through while protecting your interiors.


#2 Paws Can Be Trouble.

If you’ve had your screens scratched or floors stained with muddy prints, you are definitely not alone! Dog owners everywhere know that, even those those little pads are so cute, they can certainly make a mess.


Thanks to Hunter Douglas, you can control your motorized blinds at the touch of a button. When you catch a muddy paw about to strike, a quick tap instantly moves your shades out of the way. Whew! And, when you’re away, you can schedule them to be in the ideal positions so everyone can rest easy!


#3 Your Dog Loves You.

There’s no question about the deep love your dog has for you. You light up his life! All day he waits just so he can run and greet you by the door.

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Chances are, your pup lights up your life too, and you want to make sure he’s comfy and cared for always. With customized blinds, shades, or shutters, you can create a home atmosphere that caters to your needs and his. Remember, pets love cozy temperatures and the ideal view too!


#4 Spot Loves Your Kiddos, Too!

How precious it is to see the tender moments of your dog and kids together. Even when your toddler is trying to ride Spot or bandage him up with his doctor kit, the love that’s shared is so clear!

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Do you have pet safe and child safe blinds? Dangling cords easily become playthings, and that puts your family–furry friends included–at risk. Want to see all of today’s modern safety innovations? We’ve got the latest operating features for pet safety in Hunter Douglas blinds, shades, and shutters.


#5 Fido is Quirky.

We all have our own personality quirks…and so do our dogs! Just like you and me, a dog’s behaviors, moods, and habits are greatly influenced by their natural disposition.

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Is your dog one that loves to bask in the sun or lay in the shade? Does she enjoy watching lots of outside activity, or does it make her go bizerk? PowerView motorization makes it easy to adjust to your pet’s unique preferences.


#6 Dogs Improve Life

That’s a no brainer! As dog owners, it’s pretty clear that our furry companions make us happy. But, did you know that having a dog can actually be good for your health in many more ways? At One Stop Decorating, we have a wide selection of pet-safe blinds, shutters, and shades that can also improve your life…and your dog’s life too! Contact our team to learn more.