2019’s Spring Color Pairings

We love how on top of it Pantone is. They released their predictions for springtime colors before it was even spring! They know the hottest trends and keep us updated with the up and coming colors. Now that winter is (finally) over, we can’t wait to dive into these shades and brighten up our design. The latest spring color pairings will leave you wanting to redecorate your entire home! Take a look and let us know which pair you’re loving.


A New Twist on Tradition

spring color pairings blue and orange

We love traditional color pairings because they never go out of style. But, who says we can’t kick it up a notch and give traditional a fresh makeover? Take blue and orange for example. They’re opposing shades on the color wheel, which makes them work so well together. The newest spring color pairings offer a new take on this tradition. Stunning!

blue and orange spring color pairings


Decadent Pastels

pastel spring color pairings

We simply can’t dive into spring without pretty pastels. Spring color pairings encourage us to decorate with pinks, peaches, and soft greens. They will undoubtedly refresh your space. Simple white designs are one of the top design trends right now, which we love, but adding in touches of color will let your personality shine through your home.

pink spring color pairings


Bold & Better

bold spring color pairings

Have you ever noticed that an up-and-coming trend was actually something that was trendy back in the day? We see it all the time in the world of fashion and design. Color pairings are no different. They change, evolve, and then return. Green and brown is a classic pair, but the latest spring color pairings have evolved this duo into rich, bold hues—take a look at these zesty colors. We can’t wait to play around with bold hues this season.

green and brown spring color pairings


Which Spring Color Pairings Will You Choose?

spring color pairings 2019

One Stop Decorating loves keeping up with the latest design trends, and the newest spring color pairings are no exception. Which pair is speaking to you? We can bring in your favorite duo with custom window treatments. Choose from gorgeous fabrics and let us help you create a stunning design with springtime lighting solutions. Contact our team today for your free, in-home consultation.