A Dream… Realized

A Dream…Realized.

Have you ever lost a remote? I realize how silly of a question that is. Of course you have. If you have children or pets, your remotes may have said goodbye long ago, only to resurface momentarily over time. Your device? That’s another story. If you’re like me, you guard that thing with your life, sure that the moment you leave it unattended is the moment it will be swimming its way to bottom of the fish tank. Thankfully, you can now say goodbye to your need for a remote for your motorized blinds. Something amazing has arrived.

ipad with app control for automated roller shades

The PowerView App by Hunter Douglas is genius. Not only has it replaced the remote, it has far surpassed any capability the remote for PowerView blinds ever had. Let me explain the finer details, including the reasons why you NEED this app. By the way, if you don’t have PowerView blinds, you also need them!

Privacy, light control and energy efficiency at your fingertips. Using your smart phone, tablet, or voice assistant, you can control your blinds and shades in any room throughout your house with just a swipe, a click or a voice command.

A Daily Schedule: Your blinds and shades will open and close, without any effort or thought on your part. Set the schedule and realize how easy it is to come home to a house where the blinds have just opened, filling your house with natural light. This is also a great way to wake your children or spouse on a Saturday morning…let the light stream into their rooms, instead of you standing at the foot of the stairs, yelling, “The grass isn’t going to mow itself!!!”

Adjustment: With the remote, or wall mount, you had control of these things, but the app opens a world of options. With the swipe of your finger, you can adjust your blinds or shades to not just be open or closed, but the percentage of how open you want them. This app allows you to adjust the vanes, so you can enjoy filtered light, while always offering you the privacy you need. Remember those neighbors who spied on you as you were moving in, trying to find out what your dishes looked like? Yep, still spying.

Special Settings: The PowerView app allows you to identify settings to your preference. ‘Movie Night’ offers a setting for you in your family room or man cave, automatically adjusting the blinds so you have the ultimate movie watching experience! The ‘Good Night’ setting is one click away when you find yourself with a migraine at 2:00 in the afternoon. Your bedroom is suddenly a sanctuary of healing.

A dinning room with Vignette® Stacking with PowerView® Motorization Top-Down/Bottom-Up Roman Shades.

Let us help you navigate your way to this experience. We can guide you, helping you set your house up so you can have the ease of light control, privacy and energy efficiency at your fingertips. Contact us for a free, in-home consultation to see just how motorized blinds and this app can change your life. It’s a dream…realized.