Why EVERYONE Needs Child Safe Shades

Do you have children in your life that brighten your days? Smiles, hugs and giggles are surely the highlight of your time with them. As lovable as they can be, they’re also twice as mischievous. Do you have child safe shades in your home? How about family and friends? You know keeping an eye on them can be a 24/7 job…it only takes one second for accidents to happen.


Why Child Safe Shades?

You’ll spend time childproofing. Of course, you want your little ones to be safe. The cabinets are locked, the garbage can lid is secured, the stairs are gated–they’re safe, right? Not exactly. The most dangerous aspects of the home are often the ones considered out of reach.

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Child safe blinds remove the dangers of dangling cords that tempt curiosity. The cords are just thin strings–no one thinks they could do any harm. But serious–even fatal–injuries have occurred. Don’t take the chance.


Not MY Kids…

It’s the phrase everyone says after something terrible happens: I didn’t think it could happen to us. Why take the risk? With continual events posted on social media, we are aware–now more than ever–about risks and dangers in the home. Child safe shades are a simple–but effective–way to keep children safe.

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The little cherubs in the photo…don’t they look sweet and innocent? The reality is that ANY children can find their curiosity leading them into trouble.


Yep, MY Kids.

It was a quiet Saturday, after sports–we decided to run errands. We ended up with a short wait at the Post Office. Just five minutes of waiting, combined with the mischievous hands of little children, resulted in chaos. Exploring, swinging, laughing…the cords…they couldn’t keep their hands off of them. Kids find things to play with. Period. They don’t always make good decisions.

dangers of blind cords

And, because October is Safety Awareness month, of course I snapped a few pictures to get my point across. But even supervised, well-behaved children can find themselves in trouble. In the end, who got tangled? I did.


What Are the Options?

Have you been thinking of switching to child safe shades in your home? What about family or friends? If your children visit someone else’s home–ahem, grandparents–just forward this article on to them! We can help. Our cordless blinds and shades offer simplistic adjustments using the gentle push or pull of your hand on the bottom rail. Motorized shades are another cordless option, offering safety and convenience. And, sometimes, you just need a cord. No worries. Our continuous cord loop is bolted in place for safety. We also have retractable cords, short enough to stay well out of harm’s way.

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