Ask an Expert: Beautifully Decorated Holiday Home

We know, summer has just ended and it’s only September, but the holidays will be here before you know it. October will come and go, and you’ll soon be focused on holiday shopping and getting ready to entertain guests. Are you looking for ways to create a beautifully decorated home? We sat down with one of our expert designers to see just how to make an unforgettable impression, ensure your guests feel right at home, and how to make the most of your design. Take a look.


How Can I Make a Great First Impression?

beautifully decorated entryway

The first thing your guests will see when they come into your home is your entryway. There’s no better place to start your design than this area. The first element we focus on is lighting. Natural light will enhance the overall appearance of your entryway. It brings in a welcoming, refreshing glow. But, you don’t want too much window exposed, so you’ll need privacy solutions. This is a great spot for custom features, like motorization or top down bottom up. And, you’ll create a beautifully decorated entryway with designer fabrics. You can also incorporate your own holiday decor for a festive touch!


How Do I Create the Right Atmosphere for My Dining Room?

beautifully decorated holiday dining room

Chances are, if you have family coming over, you’re going to be spending time in your dining room! Holidays are the perfect excuse to indulge in a tasty meal with loved ones. You might end up spending a few hours in your dining space, so the right atmosphere is important! On top of a beautifully decorated space, you need solutions for light and privacy. Our top suggestion would be PowerView. You can adjust your window coverings without having to get up–all you need is your smart phone or remote. Keep your shades open to enjoy your outdoor view during dinner. Then, when the sun starts to set and you need more privacy, use the PowerView app to close your shades. You’ll keep a comfortable environment all night.


How Can I Make Sure My Guests are Comfortable?

beautifully decorated bedroom

Are your guests staying on a mini-vacation in your home? You’ll make them feel comfortable with room darkening and privacy. The ideal window coverings will give them simple control, so they can adjust with ease. Room darkening and blackout shades also help create a cozy environment, ensuring that they get a good night’s sleep. This can be vital, especially if you have little ones visiting your home! Cordless options will also keep your windows child-safe.


How Do I Make Everyone Happy in a Shared Spot?

beautifully decorated holiday living room

Much like the dining room, the living room is another area where you might find yourself spending a lot of time. This can be an intimidating thought, especially when you have a group of visitors. You can keep everyone happy in your beautifully decorated home by adding style, function, and versatility to your environment. Window treatments will change your atmosphere within seconds. With the right treatments, you can go from glare-free to nap-time, or movie-night to morning coffee with a quick adjustment. Create scenes using the PowerView app before your guests arrive for stress-free control.


Beautifully Decorated Holiday Solutions

The holiday season is busy and can be stressful, but we can help. Get started on creating your own beautifully decorated space full of solutions for the whole family. Our team will help you get the process going! Contact our team at One Stop Decorating today for a free, in-home consultation.