It’s Time to Decorate Your Home

Is it time to decorate your home? Maybe you’ve recently moved into a new house and aren’t loving the previous owner’s style? Or, you’ve lived in your home for awhile, and it’s just time for an upgrade. There’s no better time than the present to make those much needed changes. Good news! Does taking on such a large overhaul seem like a daunting task? If you approach it correctly, it can be a breeze. It really comes down to two considerations…

Picking the Right Flow

The two basic concepts to choose from are “Common Theme” or “Spatial Personality.” Common Theme is an overall color palette and design that continues throughout your entire home. The style, patterns, and scheme are consistent as a whole. This is the ideal approach to an open concept area because it creates visual movement.

The second option, Spatial Personality, relies on each room’s own individuality. The color palette, motif, and vibe can all vary in each space. 

Kansas plantation shutters for decorating your home with the same window treatments

The number one deciding factor on which concept to pick all boils down to you. You are the one who ultimately can make the decision of what method works best for you and your home. Once your selection is made, the rest can all fall into place. Let’s go over the key components that will help you decorate your home.

Components to Consider

Color – This is the best place to start. Depending on how you decide to approach your whole house transformation, in the same color family or not even close relatives, this allows the other elements to flourish. Think of your color choices as the foundation that will allow for the next factors on our list to be built.

Walls – They are the framework in constructing a room’s desired ambiance.  The color choice combined with texture and embellishments can change the feel of a space. By using darker colors you can create a warm cocooning atmosphere while lighter colors are airy and soft. A trend that we love are feature walls. 

decorate your Kansas home with the same textured woven texturesThey are a great way to add patterns or texture with board and batten, wallpaper, wood, or reclaimed materials like ceiling tile.

Window Treatments – Windows are an extremely vital part of your home and they deserve to receive the proper treatments. Window treatment solutions provide privacy, protection from the sun, and stylish options to add your taste to your space. Do you have windows that have beautiful but challenging architecture?

Kansas City angled window treatment with matching fabric shades

Are they arched, angled, have doors or tricky spots? Those can be intimidating, but we can help find the right solution for you.

Entire House Resolutions to Decorate Your Home  

Now that you’ve picked Common Theme or Spatial Personality, it’s important to know the variation and flexibility window covering can provide. If you have decided to stick with one continuous flow, but feel your challenging window shapes–like mentioned before–will hinder your look, think again. One Stop Decorating offers multiple product collections with fabrics of the same color, pattern, and texture.  A vertical and horizontal window treatment can still have the same fabric but be a different product. 

decorate your home with shades that match in your Kansas homeSame goes if you would like each room to stand on its own. We can install multiple interior shades of the same type, but use different colors or fabrics to keep individuality intact. Contact us today to set up a free in-home consultation so we can help decorate your home. From one room to the entire house, One Stop Decorating should be your only stop.