Favorite Features for Creating Your Perfect Home

Each room in your home is decorated to emulate you and your family.  Your home is where you spend most of your time, so you should enjoy every minute spent there!  Whether you think so or not, your window coverings play a huge role in how those rooms look, feel, and function.  I’m here to tell you three of the favorite features that will help you allow those rooms to reach their full potential. 

#1 Motorized Shades

Automated blinds, shades, and shutters are among one the most popular features you can add to your windows.  No matter if you like to use voice control on the spot, or pre-program your window coverings to your thermostat, we can help.  

Modern kitchen with energy efficient motorized shades in the Kansas City area.

Say you want a little more privacy when you’re getting ready in the morning, tell Siri to close the bathroom shades. You want to block out the hot summer sun when it’s noon?  Click on your smart home app to let it know to shut the blinds when it gets too warm inside.  

#2 Top Down Bottom Up

Nothing is better than having some beautiful natural light flowing through all of your windows.  But, there is something that makes it even more amazing! Top down bottom up blinds allow you to create an element of privacy, while still letting the sun shine into your living room.  

Living room with shades that are top down bottom up in Kansas City area.

There’s a reason these are second on our list of favorite features. These shades are the perfect addition to your foyer or a family room, where you want a lot of light, but don’t want all of your neighbors peeking in as they walk their dog.

#3 Dual Shades

Dual Shades come in at third on the list of our favorite features.  But these shades have it all! They offer one shade to view through–checking out all the hard work you’ve put into your backyard. With a simple transition, you can drop down the blackout roller shade to enjoy your movie night. It’s the ideal at-home theater environment.  

Living room showing dual shades and how they have a daylight option and a blackout option, Kansas City area.

Dual shades are the perfect addition for a bedroom. When you’re ready for bed, hit the blackout shades and sleep in until your heart’s content. Then, when it’s time for your morning coffee, switch to the light filtering shades.  

What are some of your favorite features? 

Do they match ours? They should! Adding these amazing features to your home will create even more perfect spaces and rooms, and leave your family and friends in awe.  Our team at One Stop Decorating would love to help you get started with your new shades, blinds, or shutters. Let’s get you on your way to adding these wonderful features to your home.  Contact us now for your FREE in-home consultation.