From Bare Windows to Brilliant Atmosphere

When it comes to your home, atmosphere and comfort are everything. Are you living with bare windows? Do you have window treatments, but maybe they’re the wrong ones? You’re living in the ‘before scene’ of what could be a dramatic transformation to the ‘after scene’ you’ve always dreamed of. The right window coverings–ones that fit your home, your lifestyle and your design preferences–can change your living space, making all the difference in the world when it comes to how you feel about your home, or more importantly, how you feel IN it. Take a look at these before and after photos as we transform this living space into a warm and inviting atmosphere.


Bare Windows Leave You Feeling Uncomfortable & Frustrated.

bare windows no shades

At first glance, this room is elegantly decorated. It looks like the kind of place you’d want to entertain friends and family–or even just sit alone to read and relax. The frustration comes when you try to spend time in this space, and all you feel is discomfort and annoyance. The harsh glare of the sun and lack of privacy doesn’t really make this room very inviting, and the direct sunlight will raise the temperature so high in the midst of a Kansas City summer, you’d never step foot in there. And those gorgeous furnishings? Harmful UV rays damage valuables and fade decor. It would be a shame to leave this room as-is and miss out on all that the space, view and furnishings have to offer. Could the right window shades offer the kind of atmosphere this room desperately needs?


The Right Shades Let You Have It All.

bare windows with pirouette shadesSimply beautiful. Nothing has changed in this room, except the addition of the right shades. And everything has changed. You can enjoy the view, without harsh glare and uncomfortable temperatures. You can easily adjust levels of privacy and light control to fit your life. You can enjoy your furnishings as you protect them from UV rays, keeping them looking fresh fro years to come. This is what the right window coverings can do for your home. In this case, our Pirouette shades did the trick! The change is subtle, but the transformation is breathtaking. Like all of the window shades in our collection of sheer shadings, the sheer backing of these shades diffuses incoming natural light, spreading it throughout the room for a soft and welcoming atmosphere. No more blinding glare. No more feeling overexposed. Enhanced privacy offers comfort and control, and you also get UV protection for your floors, furniture and artwork.

More than that, you get the elegance and style of Hunter Douglas window coverings to elevate the ambiance in your home for that warm and inviting atmosphere that your friends will enjoy and envy in equal measure.


A Subtle, Yet Powerful, Transformation

bare windows covered closed shadesIt’s plain to see how the addition of the perfect window coverings can transform this space from bare and unprotected to an atmosphere that is warm and inviting. Our collection of Pirouette shades offer an abundance of fabric and color selections to coordinate with and enhance your existing home decor. Hunter Douglas has redefined the Pirouette collection this year with new fabrics inspired by the organic beauty of raw silk and linen. A refreshed color palette, including 44 new hues spanning relaxing neutrals, sophisticated mid-tones and breathtaking pops of bold color. What more could you ask for in reimagining your home?


Love the look of window shades? Find your favorites, and then contact us to schedule your free, in-home consultation and let our design experts lend inspiration to your own before and after transformation. We can’t wait to show you all our window covering collections have to offer!