How to Make Small Bedroom Windows Appear Bigger

Make Your Windows Look LargerHaving large windows helps to open up a room. If you happen to have small windows, there is no need to replace the window with a bigger one, as this would be an expensive home repair. Consider these design tips to help your windows appear larger to the human eye. There are ways to open up your room by making your windows appear bigger by using the appropriate window treatments.

Curtain Choice & Placement:

  • Place the hardware above your window frame, while extending it beyond the sides of the frame.
  • If you are looking for height, raise the valence bar higher than the window frame.

Horizontal Window Dressings:

  • Horizontal lines accentuate width.
  • If you want your window to appear wider it is recommended to go with horizontal window blinds.

Vertical Window Treatments:

  • Vertical lines accentuate height.
  • Vertically hung blinds add visual height to your window.
  • Another window treatment idea to add visual height to your window would be to use an outside mounting.

These tips can help to open up your room with carefully chosen window treatments that will create the feeling that your windows appear larger (at a much more affordable cost than replacing your windows). We at One Stop Decorating are proud to offer our customers our experience and expertise at our four stores located in Shawnee, Lee’s Summit, the Northland, and Overland Park. We are the largest independent, full line decorating resource in the Kansas City area.