Horizontal or Vertical Window Treatments

Horizontal or Vertical Window TreatmentsWhen choosing the perfect window treatment for your room, it is important to know when to use horizontal or vertical window coverings.

Horizontal Lines – Accentuate width of a window.

Horizontal window dressings should be used on windows that are taller rather than wider.  They often bring warmth into a room (ideal for family rooms).

Vertical Lines – Accentuate height of a window and give height to a room.

Vertical window coverings should be used on windows wider than they are tall, including windows that are wider from side to side.

The style of your room’s décor can also effect which window curtains or drapes are the right choice for you. Clean, defined lines often accentuate a room that is decorated with modern, contemporary, or any form of eclectic styles. Softer, less defined lines accentuate a room that is more traditional or country styles. Another consideration is that the efficiency and amount of natural light will be impacted by factors such as how old your windows are and what direction your windows face in a specific room.

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