Minimalism: Achieve More with Less

The latest craze in our culture is Marie Kondo. Whether you’ve recently caught her show on Netflix, or have been a long-time fan of her book, you can see that her method is having lasting effects on her audience. The method is transforming homes and lives.


How Do I Embrace Minimalism?

To know how to start, you’ve got to understand. Defined by Merriam Webster, minimalism is…“a style or technique that is characterized by extreme spareness and simplicity.”

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In addition, Marie Kondo uses psychology to allow individuals to work through their clutter. Understanding why we hold onto things, when they’re not working anymore and how to let them go. 


So…What Do Window Treatments Have to Do with Clutter?

Just like your home feels cluttered when there’s too much physical stuff, or when your mind feels cluttered in the midst of chaos, the atmosphere in your home can as well. We’re calling it “mood clutter.”

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Mood clutter is when things just feel jumbled. You have no energy, your productivity is low and you’re simply grumpy. Minimalism can help, since physical clutter has been know to cause anxiety and frustration. But, the atmosphere and lighting in your home can have a huge impact on energy, productivity and overall mood.

Take a Look…

This space: Beautiful. Clutter-free. A perfect place to relax. Except…

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Let’s really look at it. At certain times of day, the direct sunlight will heat up the room–there’s no way you’ll be able to stand it. And, where might you sit? Certainly not facing the windows. What about the glare? Any screen time would have you squinting. No…this room is completely full of clutter…you just can’t see it unless you’re living there.


There’s Hope!

Now take a look. The atmosphere is soft–not dark. The glare is reduced significantly. The direct sunlight is being reflected back outside. Do you notice how pretty the view is? Now, does this look like a place where you could put your feet up, relax with a book, maybe watch a movie? The atmosphere is peaceful, inviting and very calm.

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Having the right window treatments in your home is vital to creating an environment of minimalism. Not only will your windows create valuable light control and privacy solutions, but window treatments have come a long way. No more tangles of blind cords, confusing operation and eyesore worthy materials. Modern window treatments are beautiful, safe and incredibly efficient! Our team at One Stop Decorating would love to visit your Kansas City area home to help you find the best window treatments on your way to minimalism! Contact us today.