Sheer Shades: Enhance Your Home & Lifestyle

When you first moved into your home, your main concern was finding window treatments, right? Not exactly. We all know that windows are often put on the back burner, unless you’re desperate for bathroom privacy or blackout conditions for sleeping. But everything else? There are so many aspects to think about when decorating, like furniture, color scheme, and decor. What about your atmosphere? It all starts at the window. Our collection of sheer shades will enhance your design and provide you with solutions to common issues caused by bare windows. Take a look!


What’s Your First Impression?

At first glance, this room looks incredible. The draperies add character, the decor coordinates beautifully, and the furniture is exquisite. Now, take a closer look…

sheer shades living room

Picture yourself in this room, spending time with family or friends. It’s a huge room, but there isn’t much usable space. The bare windows will make it completely impossible to enjoy!

Anyone standing near the window will need sunglasses! The view is incredible, but not with that amount of light!

The Hot Seat will be avoided by all guests; the temperature is uncomfortable, the incoming light causes everyone to squint, and that glare will make it hard to read a book or scroll through your phone. Yikes!

Forget about socializing! The seating placement is all wrong. The couch is in the shadows and turned away from the other chairs. And, even though there’s so much natural light coming in, the couch area seems so dark, you’d almost need a lamp…

See the gorgeous rug? It will soon be faded due to the unblocked UV rays. 


A Lasting Impression

Can’t you just feel the relief? Sheer shades have completely transformed this room.

living room sheer shades

These shadings add a designer touch to this space. They also bring lifestyle solutions, like temperature control, privacy, and balanced lighting. Now, this is a space we’d love to spend time in. It’s comfortable and stylish; perfect for hosting guests at any time.


Custom Solutions for Your Home

Open living spaces require the right amount of light, privacy, and control. Every area has unique needs, which can be hard to meet. Sheer shades bring in a range of adjustments, making it simple to please everyone!

open floor sheer shades

One area of your home might need light, while the other needs to stay glare-free. Take a look at this space. The media room is dim and comfortable, while the dining space has just enough filtered light. Your shadings will fit all of your needs and preferences. Smart shades will make it even easier; create a schedule or adjust using your remote or smart device.


Sleep Tight, Every Night

Sheer shades make  a difference in all rooms of your home…even bedrooms! You’ll finally get the sleep you deserve.

sheer shades bedroom

What’s your ideal sleep environment? Comfortably dark? Completely blackout? Choose from different systems to create your sleep-inducing space. Dual shade systems let you incorporate a blackout shade, so you can have filtered sunshine throughout the day and total darkness at bedtime. Or, the rotating vanes of Luminettes features sheers in one position and blackouts in another, perfect for doors and large windows!


Step Up Your Design with Sheer Shades

It’s time to focus on the lifestyle solutions you need to enhance your home and daily routine. Sheer shades make it possible to customize every area of your home. We’d love to show you your options. Contact our team at One Stop Decorating for a free, in-home consultation. In the area? Visit one of our four showrooms. Our professional designers are here to help!